4 Best BMW Classics To Consider As A Foreign Car Restoration Projects

If you are a car enthusiast, foreign cars can make great restoration projects. But, there are some choices that you will have to make your restoration project more rewarding. BMW cars have many advantages over other foreign cars, such as the fact that it can be easier to find parts that are compatible with various model years. But, what BMWs make for the best foreign restoration projects? Here are some of the best BMW models to consider for your restoration project:

1. BMW 507 Roadster or 503 2+2 

The 503 2+2 was a car that was built in succession with the 507, which were cars that BMW intended to sell in American markets. You can expect to pay a lot for any condition car because there were less than 1000 cars produced in total, but they make for a rewarding restoration project, and the finished results will be very rare and valuable. Both cars featured the BMW 193 V8 motor, which gave them 120 to 150 bhp.  

2. The 1940 BMW 328 Roadster

Another rare BMW find that will make for a great restoration project is the 328 roadsters, which was a small, lightweight sports car. It featured a 120 cu in straight-six engine that gave it a mediocre 80 bhp. The lightweight of the car made it a fast roadster due to its aluminum body and steel frame.

3. BMW E30 M3 From The 1980s

There are also more modern classics that were mass produced and may be more affordable for the average car collector. The BMW E30 M3 from the '80s is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable German car for your restoration project. These cars were powered by BMWs high-performance gasoline 4-cylinder engines, which some produced nearly 238 bhp.

4. BMW 3200 CS Built Through The 1960s

The BMW 3200 is another rare German car; with only 603 produced. It was a sports car that featured the BMW OHV V8 that gave it an astounding 160 bhp. The L-model was the lesser of the 3200 packages, which had only 140 bhp. The S and CS models both had the duel carburetor arrangement that gave them 160 bhp.

These are some of the best BMW models to consider for your foreign restoration project. Contact a German auto parts service to get what you need for your restoration projects. They will be able to help you with finding all the rare German auto parts you need for your BMW restoration projects.