Ways To Get Your Junk Car Out Of The Driveway And Make Some Money Doing It

If you have an old car sitting around that is not running or doesn't have much value to you anymore, there are some ways to get rid of the car and make a little cash at the same time. When you are ready to junk your car for cash, you may need to get a bit creative, but there are some options that can help.

Junk Car Services

One of the most common ways to junk your car for cash is to use a junk service that will buy the car from you and haul it away. These services have become very common all over the country, and if you search for them online, you may find more than you expected in your area. 

Call the junk car services in your area and ask what their current rate is for a car like yours in the car's current condition. It is a good idea to call three or four services before you junk your car, just to be sure you are getting the best price for the car. The price can vary from one company to the next, so be sure that the price they are giving you is guaranteed and then choose the service with the best offer to junk your car for cash.

It is essential that when the driver arrives to tow your car, you have the title for them and be sure to get the payment before they leave with the vehicle. If you have any concerns about the transaction, you may want to have the driver wait while you confirm the details with the junk service.

Sell Your Car

If you want to get the most money when you sell your junk car, you could try and sell it yourself as a parts car or a fixer-upper. If the car is rare or unique, there is likely someone out there looking for parts from your car that they can use on their project. 

If you were going to junk your car, but couldn't find an option in your area to junk your car for cash, selling it for parts is an excellent way to make some money from the parts and then junk what is left. Placing ads on social media classifieds, in the local paper, or on automotive classified sites can bring you a buyer that you might not reach with a sign on the car in the yard, but make sure you let them know they need to come to pick up the car or the parts when you place the listing.

Do a little research, so you know what to charge for the parts, and don't be afraid to negotiate a bit to entice the buyer and sell the car or parts quickly.