What To Do If Your Car Has A Radiator Leak

Car radiator leaks can happen for any number of reasons. The problem itself is not an uncommon one to deal with, especially as your car starts to age, but the way that you handle this repair issue makes a big difference in how much of a problem it is overall.

Avoid Driving it While It's Leaking

First, it is incredibly important not to drive your car while the radiator is leaking. This can cause your car to overheat very quickly. In a matter of minutes, it can cause your vehicle to overheat and can lead to serious engine damage. Even though some repair issues can be ignored for a little while without there being devastating effects to the vehicle, this is not the case with radiator leaks. As soon as your car starts showing any signs of radiator leakage or engine overheating, you should pull over immediately and allow your car to cool down. If you don't, then the damage to your engine could be very serious, and the repair bill that you receive could be a whole lot higher than you were anticipating.

Use a Leak Repair Product

There are leak repair products on the market that car owners can use when their radiators are leaking. These products are designed to help keep the car cool even when there is radiator damage. You can purchase these products from auto parts stores all over the country. Just follow the directions on the bottle of product to use it to temporarily help your car with its radiator leak.

Have Your Radiator Repaired or Replaced

Using a radiator leak repair product is a good quick fix for many radiator leaks, but this type of fix is not meant to be permanent. Once you have used a radiator leak repair product, you will need to minimize use of your vehicle and call and make an appointment to have your car looked at by a radiator repair professional immediately. Continuing to drive your car without having it properly repaired, such as by having the radiator repaired or replacing it completely, will put you at risk of being stranded and will put your vehicle at risk of major engine damage. Radiator repair professionals know what to do to get cars with radiator damage up and running, though, so there is someone out there who can help you get your car back in good shape again.

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