How To Keep Your RV Cool This Summer

Taking a trip in your RV can be a lot of fun during the summer, but you could be concerned about the heat. These simple tips will help you keep your RV nice and cool this summer so that you and your family can stay cool and enjoy yourselves on any trips that you take.

Install a New Air Conditioning System

First of all, it's a good idea to check your RV's air conditioning system to make sure that it works before you set off on a camping trip. If your RV's air conditioning unit is old, it might pay to replace it with a newer model that works well so that everyone can stay nice and cool. Contact a store that sells models like an RV Coleman Mach 1 Powersaver AC for more information.

Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

Next, when you and your family are on the highway on a hot summer day, consider closing the windows and turning the air conditioner on. When you park in your camping area, be careful about leaving doors and windows open. Not only can this provide an invitation for mosquitoes and other pests, but it can cause the temperatures in your RV to rise quickly, too. Instead, just as you would when at home, it's best to keep the windows and doors closed on hot days.

Put Covers Over the Windows

The sunlight can shine in through your windows and cause your RV to heat up in no time. Plus, the sunlight can make taking daytime naps difficult and can even damage the interior of your RV over time. Covering up the windows, such as by putting a sunshade in the dashboard — similar to what you might use on your personal car — when you aren't driving it and putting curtains or other window coverings on the windows can help you keep yourself and your family nice and comfortable.

Park in the Shade

One thing that can have a major impact on the inside temperatures of your RV this summer is where you park it. If you park it out in the hot sun, then you can expect temperatures to rise rapidly inside the recreational vehicle. If you park it in a shady area, however, it can make it much easier for you and your family to stay cool both while inside and outside of the RV. Therefore, when possible, look for a shady parking spot or camping area.

Your RV doesn't have to be uncomfortably hot this summer. The tips above will help you and your family stay nice and comfortable all summer long.