Things To Consider When Servicing Your Commercial Vehicle Or Semi-Truck

If you drive a commercial truck for a living, keeping your rig running at its best is critical, and finding someplace to service the semi-truck is an excellent place to start. Many truck services and repair shops can handle the job for you, and if you spend a lot of time on the road, you may need to find several to work with.

Basic Service

For many drivers, basic service needs to be completed every few weeks, especially if you drive nationally and are putting a lot of miles on your truck. Finding truck services is not difficult in most areas, and a lot of truck stops offer shops on the same property that can make repairs, service your truck, and even replace parts. 

Stopping at a truck services shop offers you the advantage of servicing the truck while parked and off the clock. Using this downtime allows you to take your semi-truck in, stop for a meal and shower, then get some sleep and head out fresh with a truck that is ready to hit the road again. 

Since most of these shops or truck services appear on the map, you can plan to be at a shop, call ahead to let them know you are coming in, and get the truck service work completed without delaying the load or delivery. 

Truck Repairs

If you are experiencing a problem with your truck, you may need truck services that can make repairs for you. Finding a service center along your route is a good option, but if you can't get the truck there, you may need to have the semi-truck towed in or have the truck services come to you. 

Often truck services offer roadside assistance, meaning they will bring the parts and service to you. If you can get the truck off the road and into a rest area or parking lot, it is easier for the tech to work on the semi-truck. However, most mobile truck services can make the repairs on the roadside if necessary. 

If the truck services technician can't fix the truck on the road, they may be able to get it running enough to make it possible to drive to the repair shop, where they have the tools and equipment to make repairs for you. Truck services can include basic service, emergency repairs, tire replacement, and major overhauls on your truck, so find a service that can handle the work you need when you need it. 

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